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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Funny Ladies <3

Funny Ladies <3

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Tuesday, March 2, 2010



I’m Proud of this Shot. :)

Monday, March 1, 2010


...hopes you had a restful weekend! :)

Clyde Sleeps

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I Yahn I Arkestra

I Yahn I Arkestra

So it’s been a week since I got the camera. I think I’ve mastered turning it on… other than that I’m still trying to figure the thing out. You’re lucky enough to experience the journey… ;-) This weekend I had the pleasure of practicing with the wonderful Derek and Kas from I Yahn I Arkestra. SO much fun! Click on the picture for the full album. Enjoy!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

I heart The Polkadotted Stripe By Jaspects...

And not only because the Atlanta-based sextuplet is a mosaic of harmonious male hotness... (wink)

The ideal mix of self-described Funk, Jazz, Hip-Hop and Soul…Reeling with free-thought and expression, this album has moved me to a place of undeniable soul searching. With themes hovering around freedom and sovereignty, its no wonder I’m ready to concur, or at least steal back my world, after even just one listen.

The Album’s title song Polkadotted Stripes is emotionally moving. With child-like innocence, it asks the question,

“America Don’t you love me?
I just need for you to tell me the truth…”

It’s a question that we’d all like to ask. And of course we know the answer… but messages are coming at us left and right stating that our best interests are at the heart of American decision making… If we ever decided to take the high road and give America a chance to answer honestly, this might be how we’d ask the question.

Another outstanding track, Fallin, is a poignant conversation between the American public (both misfit and main street), and their favorite Uncle Sam. While the figurative main character of the song strolls nonchalantly along Main and Wall Streets with gradually emptying pockets, The Great Uncle incessantly tags along chanting a mantra-like reminder that we are “falling for ever in debt” to him. So simple and well stated are the lyrics that it’s easy to soak up the message in just one listen. But one listen won’t be enough… trust me. The smooth sounds of this horn and harmony rich tune are on repeat at my house... I find myself in a trance like state, as I stare somewhere into space thinking, “Goddamn I AM falling in debt to Uncle Sam!”

The most inspiring aspect of this song is that it creates social movement in a gentle way. It doesn’t anger you to action. It quietly helps you to realize your position, opening your mind to the possibility of other themes to come... while connecting your spirit with the energy and vibration of others who are tired of feeling used.

The Rhythmic and Melodic 2010, (one of my favorites) is a cut that grabs your attention right from the start with a pulsating beat and blaring horns under intense almost chant-like enchanting lyrics. Ebbing and Flowing… Building all the way through until it ends with the declaration:

“I Just want to be free as I can be,
Someone please help me,
help me to be FREE!

Janelle Monae does a beautiful job with this one.

This album leaves me ready to find myself and allow myself to be whatever it is that I find. To find freedom and hold it worthy above all that equates to what’s “right” in my neighbors eye. In awe and reverence, I’m ready to throw all that is stagnant and full of societal-cliche out the door... for the knowledge of liberation and self-determination.

Arise :: FW 2010


Life has been happening a lot lately. (That’s what it’s supposed to do right?) But don’t fret… still here. Work, Mellow, Purchasing a first home, the snow… Have all left me feeling a bit sluggish. I’m trying to remind myself that this is a marathon not a sprint. I’m also trying to remind myself that drinking water, taking vitamins, going to the gym (yeck!) will actually make me feel better not worse.

Current Themes running on my mind’s treadmill:

Unconditional Love of others, Self Love, Universal Love - Love is all we need. It heals all wounds and allows a space for growth and acceptance. It is the greatest medicine.

Self Forgiveness - We always hear how wonderfully freeing it is to forgive others and to let things go. But somehow I never got the memo that forgiving myself is also just as powerful.

People are People Too – Expecting to much from any one person is unfair to yourself and to that person. We all fail. The pressure that we put on each other to somehow never hurt us is unrealistic and unfair. I am learning to stop yearning for perfection from my loved ones. I am learning to accept and forgive. Just as I am learning to forgive myself. And I am learning that the greatest reality of all is that God never fails. So it really doesn’t matter if we are failed by people. We still have someone in our corner at all times.


Arise :: FW 2010

P.S. Did I mention that I am SO EXCITED about my new Camera?!
I attended the Arise Fashion Show (Fashion Week 2010) in New York last weekend and took some shots of the city. Click on the picture to view the whole album.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My Sis

Arise :: FW 2010
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This is my sissy Ne.

She blogs here

...and is quite Fabulous and Awesome! LOVE HER!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010